🌎 Novato, CA (OAK)

I am an extremely motivated professional who is a people pleaser; my loss, your gain! I have quite the diverse portfolio & it provides me with an incredibly unique view of situations & creative edge.

About Me

  • Experience

    Experience How many years of industry experience do you have?


  • Languages

    Languages What languages are you fluent and basic in?

    English Some Portuguese - I can understand the gist and survive if left alone in Brazil ;) Some Spanish - Same as above

  • Purpose

    Purpose Why are you an event planner?

    I love creating spaces and experiences for people to enjoy. It gives me a great feeling of satisfaction knowing I contributed to someone’s joy! The ability to be both creative and operational with a cool attitude is what makes me successful in event creation and management

  • Hero

    Hero What's the hardest challenge you overcame?

    I believe I am still overcoming my hardest challenge. I left the events industry to work in my family's cannabis start up. Everyone always says DO NOT go into business with your family and yet the opportunity arises and you feel confident in yourself and take the plunge. It's been a year and while I have learned so much, I know for the sake of my sanity and confidence I have to move on. I'm choosing to move on to another project and while it sucks that this didn't work out as I hoped. I'm proud of myself for recognizing it was not serving me or my family and to move on and get back to what I love doing, which is event management and production!

  • Superpower

    Superpower What are you exceptionally good at?

    1. Communication - I am a clear communicator. I am a bit obsessive about it and it is a pet peeve of mine when communication is poor and mistakes happen because of it. I know communication is quite difficult for many and I'm typically very patient with others about this but I always try to encourage better communication wherever I am. 2. Patience - I have a lot of patience and can keep my calm under pressure very well. When I was running events, I was the person the staff would turn to when there was an issue that came up. I always handled the problems in a collected and professional manner. Assessing and addressing various situations at once while communicating clearly to the team what needed to be done. 3. Operations - I am a person that likes to get things done! Give me a to-do list and I'm off to the races, after a while of working with someone I can easily identify work that needs to get done and completed. I can handle most issues with ease; spreadsheets, travel booking, troubleshooting, minor design, editing, writing, presentations, scheduling, etc... As long as I'm contributing to the bigger picture, I am a happy camper. With that said, busy work or work that doesn't lead to anything drives me crazy. 4. Supporter - Not sure if this is a superpower but I love to assist others on their paths to realizing their dreams! I am drawn to this when people tell me what projects they are working on I always jump in and try to give them support, leads, information, tools, whatever I can think of to help them on their path. Right now, I am working on a side hustle with my husband. He is so passionate about his nutrition coaching program and I am so excited to help him with setting it up. I haven't found my own dream yet but I love supporting those who have found theirs and help them to achieve it. I feel a high level of accomplishment when I help others in their passions.

  • Other Interests

    Other Interests Do you have another side hustle or hobby?

    I am a health nut and was able to kick sugar and carb addition this year! I just started a side hustle with my husband called True Health Coaching. In 12 weeks, we show busy professionals how to reduce chronic illness symptoms, pain, and fatigue so they have energy to kick ass in both work and family life. He's the coach and I manage all the operations and marketing. We are just starting and already getting great feedback, it's very exciting.

  • Technology

    Technology What software do you have advanced skills in? (ex: Zoom, Google Drive, CAD, etc)

    Zoom G-Suite Microsoft Office Slack Help Scout Notion Trello Canva


  • Creative Background

    What are your accomplishments as a creative in the experiential space?

    At my events job, I had a lot of creative input for prizes that we provided (always branded of course), the decor that we displayed around the property fixed and guest art. I curated many photos from the photographers that we used for social media and published marketing docs.

    Currently, I create all the content for my online coaching business. This includes content for Instagram, Facebook and TikTok. I write the content, take our photos, record and edit our videos. TikTok has been quite a fun learning experience!

  • Production Background

    What are your accomplishments on previous Production teams?

    I was the go to person at SHP. All the team leads would come to me with any issues. I could handle 95% of the various problems that would arise. Often times, my boss would never hear there was an issue unless I brought it up to her. It created less stress for her and the other team leads.

  • Technical Background

    What are some of your accomplishments on past Technical teams?

    Reforge dubbed me as their fastest trainee to learn their customer service program (Help Scout) and communication style for customer service. What took them 3 months to train the average person, it took me 1 week. My average response rate was 2 minutes within the first month, the fastest in the company. I also aided Reforge in the creation and implementation of a new attendance system for their events. This decreased the amount of time needed for attendance by 50%.

  • Financial Background

    What are past roles and educational degrees that you have in the area of financial management?

    I don’t have much finance background beside the basics and following a budget. I can input data and I work very well in spreadsheets!

  • Marketing Background

    What are some of your accomplishments in the field of marketing?

    I have a Bachelors of Science in Marketing from the University of San Francisco. I manage social media accounts, write press releases, copywriting, editing and content marketing.

    Lately, I’ve been diving into TikTok and have been enjoying learning that platform for my online health coaching business. Follow us! @ coachingtruehealth :)