🌎 Los Angeles (LAX)

Global Event Manager w/15 years experience in strategic planning and oversight of events and conferences. Managed events from conception to execution incl budgeting, content, venue site selection, contract negotiation, registration, rooming lists, staffing and vendor management.

Past Projects

  • 2021-05-22
    Registration Lead Beam Summit Registration Lead
  • 2020-02-19
    VIP Travel & Hospitality Lead Tik Tok VIP Travel & Hospitality Lead


  • Creative Background

    What are your accomplishments as a creative in the experiential space?

    I often give creative direction on signage, look and feel and over aesthetics of events and collateral.

  • Production Background

    What are your accomplishments on previous Production teams?

    I worked on the Longines Masters of Los Angeles several years ago. An event with an $8M budget which took over the Long Beach Convention center. We built out suites (similar to ones at the US Open), three horse riding/competing rings as well as stables for both domestic and foreign quarantined horses in the parking garage.

  • Technical Background

    What are some of your accomplishments on past Technical teams?

    I managed four venues while at Cross Campus which all had different operating models in terms of Audio Visual. I was able to effectively learn each, train my team of 17 employees and create manuals for turnkey events.

  • Financial Background

    What are past roles and educational degrees that you have in the area of financial management?

    I’ve work for three financial institutions and have managed budgets upwards of $8MM for an event.

  • Marketing Background

    What are some of your accomplishments in the field of marketing?

    Each event I’ve launched has had it’s own marketing campaign, whether a website, email drip campaign, social media exposure, to paid for ticket sales, I’ve had in all aspects of Marketing my events.

About Me

  • Superpower What are you exceptionally good at?

    Extremely organized and personable !! I have juggle multiple projects at the same time with ease due to my organizational and communication skills.

  • Hero What's the hardest challenge you overcame?

    I was once hired to work on a team of two events people and my Director/counterpart passed away two weeks after I was hired. I was not provided additional support for over 8 months and managed the banks programs on my own, including having two of the largest events in the year on the same day in different cities. It took grit, effective time management and creative solutions to execute but I persevered.

  • Other Interests Do you have another side hustle or hobby?

    I'm a kundalini yoga teacher focused on bringing affordable yoga to underserved communities.

  • Purpose Why are you an event planner?

    I love events! I love planning the experience and seeing it come to life. It satiates both the creative side of me as well as the OCD buttoned up timeline focused planner in me. It's my duality.

  • Experience How many years of industry experience do you have?


  • Languages What languages are you fluent and basic in?

    English (fluent). Spanish (fluent).

  • Technology What software do you have advanced skills in? (ex: Zoom, Google Drive, CAD, etc)

    Zoom, Google Drive/GSuite, Asana, Basecamp, Trello.