🌎 Los Angeles, CA, 90302 (LAX)

Seasoned Event Production professional with more than a decade of experience creating events ranging from intimate luxury events to multi-million dollar corporate events. Experience includes both in-house and agency side, with a focus on entertainment and technology.

Past Projects

  • 2020-02-19
    Travel Associate Tik Tok Travel Associate


  • Creative Background

    What are your accomplishments as a creative in the experiential space?

    I’ve designed small and large spaces from A-Z. I specialize in tabletop design and luxury spaces for intimate spaces for guests counts up to 500 in blank or ballroom spaces. I recently taught myself to do floor plans in Vectorworks.

  • Production Background

    What are your accomplishments on previous Production teams?

    I’ve produced all kinds of events from multi-million dollar corporate retreats, awards luncheon for Media outlets, and intimate dinners/VIP experiences for C-Level and above clientele.

  • Technical Background

    What are some of your accomplishments on past Technical teams?

    Mostly supporting TD’s for large concert productions for tech conferences.

  • Financial Background

    What are past roles and educational degrees that you have in the area of financial management?


  • Marketing Background

    What are some of your accomplishments in the field of marketing?


About Me

  • Superpower What are you exceptionally good at?

    My ability to stay calm under pressure and find solutions on the fly.

  • Hero What's the hardest challenge you overcame?

    I would say having to re-route 100 transportation busses to our event venue during a winter storm in time for our celebrity keynote.

  • Other Interests Do you have another side hustle or hobby?

    Events are my Full time and Side Hustle! I love what I do so much, most of the time it doesn't feel like work. Additionally, I love attending live music festivals, dancing, cooking unique dishes, and going on décor shopping sprees. She is also an avid fan of all things Harry Potter.

  • Purpose Why are you an event planner?

    In my early career, I worked in Marketing & Business Development and my manager approached me with a new challenge to create an upscale event to schmooze a few of our top clients. I fell in love with that fact I could an approach the assignment as a huge project, which has always been a strength of mine. After that event, my manager pulled my focus away from other tasks to create a full series of events that were focus on the companies business development efforts. I was fueled by my passion of the arts and creative and being able to tie that

  • Experience How many years of industry experience do you have?


  • Languages What languages are you fluent and basic in?

    English (Fluent)