🌎 West Hollywood, CA, 90046 (LAX)

I am the Founder & CEO of LivelyHood, an event production and travel logistics company. For 11 years prior to running my company full-time, I held two staff positions at Viacom International.

Past Projects

  • 2020-02-19
    Travel specialist Tik Tok Travel specialist
  • 2018-05-04
    Event Assistant Effervescence Event Assistant


  • Creative Background

    What are your accomplishments as a creative in the experiential space?

    I have built decks and created flyers for many events

  • Production Background

    What are your accomplishments on previous Production teams?

    I have and still do successfully and happily play all roles from producer to production manager, coordinator or assistant for events and on film and television sets. It’s what I love to do and being a part of a team and when doing it in any capacity, I give 100% and it shows.

  • Technical Background

    What are some of your accomplishments on past Technical teams?

    As a long time head of office administration, and working with A/V, I have the ability to do a lot of trouble shooting.

  • Financial Background

    What are past roles and educational degrees that you have in the area of financial management?

    I am head of Sponsorships at Film Festivals and a production manager and coordinator on sets.

  • Marketing Background

    What are some of your accomplishments in the field of marketing?

    I worked with the UCLA marketing team for 8 months and collaborated with the team for 11 years at Viacom

About Me

  • Superpower What are you exceptionally good at?

    I am excellent at paying attention to detail and coming up with creative and fun ways to get things done calmly, quickly and well!

  • Hero What's the hardest challenge you overcame?

    Every event has a challenge. The one that has happened a couple times I have had to overcome is the RSVP list not being ready or available for check-in at the door on time.

  • Other Interests Do you have another side hustle or hobby?

    I book travel, travel and go to concerts.

  • Purpose Why are you an event planner?

    My attention to detail is one of my superpowers and I am incredibly passionate about logistics and the business of building events and experiences that people enjoy.

  • Experience How many years of industry experience do you have?

    I have over 15 years experience in the media and non-profit arenas executing and working on live and taped events.

  • Languages What languages are you fluent and basic in?

    English (fluent)